01 April 2009

British Newspaper Converts to All Twitter Format

In a stunning reversal of fortunes one of the most respected newspapers in Britain the Grauniad today announced the end of its Print Publication services and a move to all Twitter.


It also revealed that the publication has in fact been Tweeting for many years. Opening up its archives for some critical moments in history - it showed the following messages from its archive:

Highlights from the Guardian's Twitterised news archive

OMG first successful transatlantic air flight wow, pretty cool! Boring day
otherwise *sigh*

W Churchill giving speech NOW - "we shall fight on the beaches ... we shall never surrender" check YouTube later for the rest

Listening 2 new band "The Beatles"

Berlin Wall falls! Majority view of Twitterers = it's a historic moment! What do you think??? Have your say

RT@mohammedalfayed: FYI NeilHamilton, Harrods boss offering £££ 4 questions in House of Commons! Check it out

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