28 April 2009

Is A Pax Bill Of Rights Needed?

There are arguments both for and against obviously.

In the European Community and other markets there is a clear set of responsibilities on the airlines.

Just in case anyone is interested - I actually do have an axe to grind on this subject.

But it seems that my lot - which I am happy to share at a future time had nothing on the plight of DL510 on April 10th. In that case the elements conspired against the airline and the passengers were innocent victims. Clearly DL could have done a better job than they did. For a complete chapter and verse on the subject check out today (Tuesday's) Wall Street Journal on the subject.


In my case - DL had no excuse. The just screwed up. Plain and Simple and of course now they refuse to admit it.

In Europe - as I have reported before there is even a guy who checks the validity of the airlines story about so called "Weather" delays.

Bottom line.

You don't have to take it... and there are already several courses of redress you can take.

And to Delta - I am still waiting for an apology from you. But then again I am still flying you so go figure... may be I am brain damaged by too much flying.


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