16 April 2009

LionAir Wants You To Know This!

In the category of strange but true....

I am a big believer in cultural diversity. Some things just sound weird to other cultures. Some are amusing - some even disturbing.

So in the spirit of educating our broad community of readers I present - without editorial comment - a part of a web page and the link from Lionair's website.

Lionair is the independent Indonesian Airline that has become a large customer for Boeing's 737-900.

The link can be found here:


Thanks to Professor's Brian and John for alerting me to this story.


* Circumcision of 1500 kids at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah On June 30, 2004, Lion Air celebrated the third anniversary by holding a mass circumcision for more than 1500 kids lived around Jakarta area at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The event was being noted at Museum Record of Indonesia."



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