16 April 2009

New Ancillary Opportunity - Fat People?

Southwest Airlines used to be unique with its "peoplewise" human size-wise measuring tool. (In case you have never seen it - I would be happy to show you...)

Not any more. In an ever increasing lust for new revenue opportunities - United Airlines has now implemented a somewhat popular program to charge people who don't fit into a conventional seat a - er well - surcharge.

Both United and Southwest agree on one thing (other than Denver is a nice place) that if you are unhappy about it - they will refund your money if you show up and fail their size test.

The NAAFP is none too happy about this - but there are others who are very happy.

Now it will remain to be seen how they deal with this for Canadian boarding passengers where it is illegal to discriminate against someone due to their size.

United on a generally up day on the market finished higher over 8% probably driven by all the Wall Street Fat Cats....

No word on whether Ryanair will charge for Seat Belt Extensions....


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