21 April 2009

Travelport Caves - AF/KL Deal through 2013

Air France Group and Travelport have come to a meeting of the minds on the GDS fee issue and so have negotiated a deal whereby AF/KL will get reduced fees in return for full content through 2013.

Given the speed with which these guys came to a conclusion - someone caved. I suspect it was Travelport. So without a shot being fired they came to a conclusion almost too quickly.

So a lot of GDS execs are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. GDS users are probably also breathing a sigh of relief. But some people - me included - want to know what is the catch.

So does everyone think that there has been no change?

Think that at your peril

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Adrian Matt said...

Definitely a good sign for the travel agents all over the place. Is this contract supposed to cover all markets or just specific ones?

Adrian Matt for TravelBrain