27 April 2009

UK To Up APD Levy

Rather than abolishing the APD levy the UK is raising it to GBP3.00 per pax. In the big picture scheme of things this is not going to cause holiday makers to change their behavior. However something needs to be done about the whole process of the a guarantee. Whether this is a head tax or a percentage tax will challenge even the best mathematician.

However I believe that the APD itself is flawed and a more generalist approach should be considered. Finding a solution to the LCCs products and including them along with accommodation only providers will be a challenge.

In the end - perhaps we should just accept that it is caveat emptor.


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snapworx said...

This is the ATOL levy which is being increased to £3 per pax, the APD tax is going up as well but to anything from £12 to £170 per pax depending on cabin and destination.