27 April 2009

UK's Rich List For Travel

OK Have a heart for the UK's rich list - they lost a chunk of money.

Just for your edification I publish the list of "Travel" related folks from the Rich List.

For the full list go here:


I define the category as Aviation Travel and Tourism - here is the list broken into 100ths. Also for your edification I have put their current or source of their Travel related fortunes beside them. Forgive me for taking a few liberties with the list. Some on the list really are not from or in the UK but that was not my call - the Sunday Times put them in. Check out your favorite person!

28th, Swire family (Cathay Pacific) £1.3bn; 32nd, Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group) £1.2bn; 49th, Roger and Peter De Haan (Saga/Grey Haired Folks) £840m; 81st, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and family (easyJet/easyGroup) £544m;

110th, Brian Souter and Ann Gloag (Stagecoach) £473m; 128th, the Walker family (Flybe) £400m; =156th, Sir Peter Rigby (aviation, hotels) £330m; =156th, Jasminder Singh and family (Edwardian Group hotels) £330m;

204th, Andrew Davis (von Essen and Premiair) £290m; 207th, Sir Michael Bishop (BMI) £280m; 235th, Peter Harris and family (Bourne Leisure) £245m; 247th, John Cook and family (Bourne Leisure) £225m; 264th, John Woodward (caravan parks); £212m; 268th, Mike Gooley (Trailfinders) £205m; =274th, David Babai (Gullivers Travel Associates - see also =694) £200m; 296th Geoffrey Kent (Abercrombie & Kent) £193m;

307th, Naresh Goyal (Jet Airways) £182m; =309th, Firoz Kassam (hotels) £180m; =309th, Harpal Matharu and family (hotels) £180m; 388th, Surinder Arora and family (hotels) £140m;

402nd, Tim and Kit Kemp (hotels) £134m; 406th, David Crossland and family (Airtours and TravelJigsaw) £130m;

540th, Guy and Julia Hands (hotels) £100m;

=657th, David Allen (caravan parks) £85m; =675th, Rahul and Rita Sharma (Best at Travel) £85m; =694th, Edward Faith and family (Gullivers Travel Associates) £80m; =694th, Uzi Kattan (Gullivers Travel Associates) £80m; =694th, Norman family (Condor Ferries) £80m; =694th, Peter Stephens (Lotus Group travel and conferences) £80m;

=863rd, Dinesh Dhamija (ebookers) £65m; =924th, Kenneth Townsley (Gold Medal Travel) £60m;

=986th, Stephen Bond (aviation) £55m.

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