17 April 2009

Whadya Want ? Skyscanner Knows!

OK OK - I have to admit that this one really got me. I thought I knew a little about passengers. But clearly I am humbled with the knowledge - now - that what passengers (at least those who use Skyscanner) really want is a seat in the cockpit. The stats are interesting:

The Skyscanner poll revealed that
16% of users would happily pay extra to be seated in the cockpit
15% of users want “internet access” tied with
14% of users want “to be seated away from babies/young children”
13% of users want “extra legroom”
10% of users want to board late
9 % of users want seat back entertainment

and the best option of all...

7 % of users want a parachute. Doesn't anyone remember DB Cooper?

So now you know... gotta love statistics


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