09 May 2009

So Who Do You Trust?

In the current economic environment – everyone has to work harder for their daily bread. I dont think there are many people in the Travel Industry who would doubt that statement. Even Prince Waleed (Kingdom Holdings) is down quite a lot. The Evening Standard is even speculating that he may have to cancel his order for the second Private Airbus A380.

So against this backdrop – it is probably a good idea to ask “who do you trust?” As Media goes through a radical change this is a very pertinent question. eMarketer has just published a little piece from TNS Media Intelligence. In this the online players should take heart that their trust levels seem to be pretty high. However there are some really dark clouds in the study.

There is some very interesting data of differences in countries – so its well worth a click on over to this link to see it:


However – some bad news for people like the Professor. Private Blogs are trusted among the least. The most trusting are the Italians at a measly 14%. Everyone else is well below 10%. Makes you want to cry doesn’t it….

Sob Sob

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