16 June 2009

The Professor Will Be Away... Again + Google

It seems I am not a master of my own destiny these days. So I shall be away from home base for over a month.

During this time I will not be able to post on this blog as often as I like. So my apologies dear readers.

And here is a comment on Google.

Of late I am starting to think that Google has become a passionate force for not so good. I used to admire them a lot more than I do now.

I have also learned to my cost that form dominates function. Making a change on my blog image resulted in Google's spider dropping me and also their new functions have started to bypass sites such as my blog. Apparently I was not alone - but while others have picked back up - I am languishing and falling behind.

A plot... accidental - deliberate?

Not sure dear reader but it shows the unnecessary power they wield without check


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