24 July 2009

Compared to Others, UK Travel Sites Suck!

For a long time I have thought that many of the leading sites in Travel really dont do a good job. Having worked with a number of teams where Usability is a religion - I have come to join that jihad.

Now comes some evidence that the TUE - Total User Experience - is less than satisfactory for travel sites. Not only this now - for the first time an independent study has actually tested travel against other categories.

A disclaimer - the study size is small and the level of the sites compared are small, and it covers the UK market only - however I think that this is a level of study that is demanded on a broader scale. The UK is clearly not the best proxy for the USA but there are similarities.

So to sign up and get a free copy of the study (its an 18 MB Powerpoint )- go here:


And BTW you need a UK phone number. If you dont have one just enter numbers in the UK format which can be found here:


Best of luck.




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