18 July 2009

Cronkite and The Moon

40 years ago this weekend - I like so many people (who are now mostly in their middle age!!!) were glued to our Television sets watching the events unfold on Man's first visit to the Moon. I watched the live broadcasts that came from the US complete in many cases with a voice over from the great Walter Cronkite. That wonderful voice of his narrated and added context to the historic events that were unfolding in Black and White in front of my eyes.

Yesterday as he passed - I got the email while I was returning home after completing a circumnavigation of this globe. I was able to reflect on so many things. Mostly why we don't have heroes and the voices of history that made it so real.

Thanks to Professor Mims for this link:


So let's celebrate the events and remember the guts and grit, luck and focus that got this momentous enterprise done. We should all be able to be so challenged and have that opportunity to succeed.

If then, why not now?


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