24 July 2009

Hotwire Says Deals Ending Soon. Hogwash!

Chris Elliot has an interview with Clem Bason who is the president of Hotwire.com. In this Bason says deals are ending and you have never had it so good.

I beg to differ. Judging from the publicly available data for forward projections - I don't think that the deals are ending soon. I think we have to get through a pretty bleak fall/winter/spring season before we start to see any shoots of any meaning.

OK so this is a blanket statement and does not apply to all markets but for bargain hunters - there is clearly an open season here on just about everything. You can still get a round the world ticket for under 600 Pounds which puts everything into perspective.

Just because Hotwire is suffering - doesn't mean that the market is actually hurting. Hotwire's business model is under threat - just like that of the rest of the Expedia group. Priceline is still eating their lunch.

Agree? Let's have that discussion in 8 months time.


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