16 July 2009

Scenes From A Consultant’s Toolbox – Part 1.

Oh Best Beloved! (For those of you who like Kipling. )

As you know my day job is running a consulting business. I am often asked if there is a good tool for communicating Given today’s harsh economic climate reducing costs when traveling as well as reducing travelling in total is important. Online presentations are a cost effective way to save on travel and get your message across. Of course being in the travel business it is probably not necessarily the best thing to be promoting a tool that reduces total travel – well welcome to today’s harsh realities.

So I thought it would be useful for me to give you some little advice on some of the tools that I use.

By now there is probably no one left on the planet who is online who hasn’t heard of skype. But in case you haven’t – it’s a great tool. www.skype.com. My team and I live on Skype. I know many who do too. Too bad it has become a bit of an orphan child at eBay. I have been waiting for months in anticipation for a Skype for Crackberry which was promised for delivery right after the Skype for CryPhones. So far its still “coming Soon” I guess they didn’t actually specify which year.

Speaking of Blackberries – and if you are looking for a cheap alternative to Skype out (to regular phone lines) then look no further than truphone. www.truphone.com. I have been using it for about 6 months and its pretty darn good. It does create a bit of an overhead on the Bold that I have which lengthens the time for call set up. But given my travel profile its worth it, What it does – is to offer a low cost IP connection in many markets to then dial out at greatly reduced cost. My biggest bug bear for international calls is the calls between countries not involving my home market. EG calling country B from Country C and your plan is in Country A. This is rape pillage and other bad things.

For Online Presentations – Webex is the gold standard. But it costs money. So is there a free one? Well there is its called dim dim. And unabashed if you go here and you sign up – I will get an increase in my size of audience. So please do this!. estore.dimdim.com/user/paidSubscription?referralID=[LinkVar-DB-DimdimID] the tool is pretty good too – at least for PCs.

In my next post I will attack the issue of Mobile Data.


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