20 July 2009

Teenage Angst And Flying

OK - Hands up those who have been to See Harry Potter VI?

I wont spoil it for those of you who haven't but many of the reviews have focused on the issue of Teenage Angst which is a theme through the movie. Also many of the actors... well they look like they could be in their 20s!!!!

It seems that the topic of Flying and the angst part was a driving force of a UK Teenager who managed to fool a whole number of people into thinking he was starting an airline and had just enough with false websites and even a real receptionist - to convince some quite respectable commercial adults into supporting his fraud.


(The Times link doesn't seem to work and I don't feel like supporting the Fox News hijacking of the URL.)

Amusing... but it does raise the issue of how much or how little we now need to have to create an impression of size.

And yes there really is a Professor slaving away in a basement somewhere. I just like not to reveal my identity in open forum. But a lot of you know who I am anyway!


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