18 July 2009

Why Do People Go Online?

I get a lot of stuff in my inbox. As a voracious reader I love to see what is happening and more importantly what makes people tick. So for me the "why" question is always fascinating.

I have seen in the past some of the work thar Rudder Finn have done. While it is sometimes a little too slick for my personal taste their work adds a dimension to the why we do what we do.

Spending large amounts of time in front of my "machines" has recently been a topic of noodling in my head and discussions with my friends and colleagues. So I am going to be doing some occasional blogs on the subject of the right brain functions. These may not appear to be connected (probably because they wont be) but I do hope that they provide food for thought in our constant quest for understanding and ultimately knowledge and power over our environment - both professional and personal.

So click on over to the following URL:


Have a read and see what you think. eMarketer did an analysis of the numbers and determined that actually 100% of the users listed went on line to (drum roll please) Pass the Time!

For the eMarketer article go here:


So if that's the case then we are all a very sad lot. So this does indicate however that many of the assumptions about how airline and travel companies are marketing to their audiences may be fundamentally wrong. As with most things this has to be seen in context. However I do believe that the continuation of traditional marketing techniques and processes do not hold true for today's web based time passing consumers.

Food for thought?


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