17 August 2009

Caveat Emptor - But Is Public Venting In Good?

I like to vent as much as the next person. (Perhaps a bit too much sometimes!!)

So in reading a rambling rant against Air France within a Travel Industry Newsletter - it seems to be disingenuous of anyone.

We all know airline customer service sucks. So what is new about that. There are however somethings that people can do if they try hard!!!

Of course Air France (lack of) Customer Service is legendary. There are many other carriers who are just as bad for much of the same reasons.

However in today's environment - it is time for the consumer to better informed and better equipped to handle the situations that are there for all to see.

So if you would like to read a tale of woe - read this one:


My opinion?

Caveat Emptor.


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