13 August 2009

France/Germany "Officially" No Recession

Results from the respective economic authorities show that two of the leading economies of Europe are no longer in recession.

The UK is also showing some signs of life. The property market had one of its best months in June - particularly in the upper end properties and in the East Anglia region.

For the US - the results are looking like we could be at the bottom.

Asia doesn't look quite so rosy with both India and China still stuck in the doldrums. Australia is looking a little better.

However I caution anyone to turn to this as evidence that the travel market is on the way up. Remember we have lost a lot of actual traffic and too the yields look awful.

For the month of August we should see a flat result. September's results should be interesting as this was he first real month in the USA when traffic tanked.

There are still some basket cases - Las Vegas would be a good example.

Stay tuned!

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