12 August 2009

Interesting Airline Stories

Here are a few airline tidbits I picked up....

AirTran delivered on its promise to wire(less) up its whole fleet by the end of July. So there you go! Of course no guarantees that the things actually work!

Delta was quietly recommended to work with JAL by the Japanese regulator as a way out of its predicament and get more traffic and less costs. Hmmm not so sure its OneWorld partners would be so keen - particularly AA. With NW - DL now has fully put itself back into the Japanese market.

F9 to become WN? I think that while it would have been a good idea to be owned by Republic, WN is a better bet longer term. Does this make WN a full service airline? I think so....

V Australia has to do something with those planes - so off to Fiji. Rather than bleeding more cash - V has decided to extend the existing model for the Virgin Blue group and head to Fiji with one of its shiny new 777s. Virgin Oz has some challenges ahead. Lets hope that they don't become too much of a distraction. They are having to fight a lot of battles on a lot of fronts.

And finally under the category of "What were they thinking" CO is being investigated (or is it Expressjet) for holding its passengers hostage and blaming the airport and the TSA. The right course of action would have been for the Captain to just let people off the plane and take action. He has the authority and moral responsibility. So sorry - the company was wrong and the captain was wrong. Not to mention the fact that the TSA should have by now got a policy to handle this. So boos all round. BTW - Chris Elliott had some good ideas. Next time declare an emergency. Then see how fast people forget stupid rules....


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