10 August 2009

Is Google The New Evil Face of IT?

It sometimes bothers me to think that Google has so much power and information on all of us. The benign image we have of Google being all good should have (by now) been debunked.

So it seems that others are beginning to notice that whenever Google doesn't get its own way - it becomes a jihad to crush the competition. Interestingly Microsoft has been the target of regulators not for actually doing anything (ok just a little) really bad but rather the potential for damage. If that is the criteria then Google is the new evil empire.

Just lately the latest person to fall foul of Google seems to be Apple - its one time best friend.

Check out this article:


And what does this mean for Travel? Quite a lot. While Apple has never made a big splash in Travel - Google has and makes a very large chunk of money out of the sector.

So if you thought Microsoft was bad... just think how much power Google has and has yet to exercise.

Food for thought no?


Disclaimer here: I am a one time MS employee and I hold stocks in all 3 companies.

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