11 August 2009

Mesa's Go! Suffering in Hawaii

Go! the object of much ire last year when the venerable Aloha went out of business doesn't seem to be making much headway. Compared to its parent - the airline is suffering even more than the rest of the group. Thus it can be inferred that either the market in Hawaii has become ultra competitive hurting yields, or that they are losing passengers, or that people would much rather fly in larger equipment than in CRJs. Perhaps even a combination of all 3.

The competition from a newly invigorated Island Air, Mokelene and the powerhouse of Hawaiian might be too much for the little airline.

Anyway - here are the headline results. This doesn't augur well - given the damage done to Aloha - it is increasingly obvious that this loss represents a significant amount of the loss for the whole Mesa Group.

Anyhow - you be the judge

• Revenue: USD8.7 million, -44.1% year-on-year;
• Operating costs: USD12.3 million, -46.8%;
• Operating profit (loss): (USD3.5 million), compared to a loss of USD7.4 million in the previous corresponding period.


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