02 September 2009

Any Bets On How Many More Times Boeing Will have to Re-Build 787 Prototypes ZA001 to 003?

Today's absolutely best quote comes from Flightblogger on Tweetdeck.

Flightblogger Tweeting (lord help me for reading Twitter) from the Morgan Stanley Investment Conference was listening in to Boeing's CEO describing the current status of the 787 development:

McNerney on ZA001-ZA003: "We've built a couple of the airplanes four or five times."

'Nuff said Squire!

So I guess they have one more to go before take off... but don't count those chickens. Jim has already replaced Scott - and for sure he is going to be looking not to make the same mistakes of his predecessor(s). Remember the schedule was not his... so he still has a spare life to call another delay.


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