01 September 2009

Worst Offending Airports

OK so this should be a Friday post - but since I am just having a little fun today - here is a factoid for you.

Those nice people at Skyscanner have published a list of the worst offending airports with ambiguous names and not quite that close to the city center.


In the top 10 of the airports currently with scheduled service, Ryanair takes the biscuit with serving all of them. NOTE London Oxford (newly named and badly so) doesn't have any service today from anyone.

Some of the Worst Offenders:

1. Munich West (Memmingen) - 70 miles (112km) from central Munich

2. Oslo (Torp) - 68 miles (110km) from central Oslo

3. Frankfurt (Hahn) - 68 miles (110km) from central Frankfurt.

4. London (Oxford) - 60 miles (97km) from central London

5. Stockholm (Skavsta) - 59 miles (95km) from central Stockholm

6. Barcelona (Girona) - 58 miles (94km) from central Barcelona

7. Barcelona (Reus) - 58 miles (94km) from central Barcelona

8. Paris (Beauvais ) - 55miles (88km) from central Paris

9. Dusseldorf (Weeze) - 50 miles (80 km) from central Dusseldorf

10. London (Stansted) - 40 miles (km) from central London

In the best performing category - they have forgotten a few:

Toronto City

However I believe that one of the worst distances is still Riyadh (RUH) which actually does have a downtown airport - though that is reserved for the royal family. The airport is 40 miles from the terminal to the exit gate!!!



Rolf Hancock said...

Indeed a nice comparison Skyscanner made there.
However, including airport to city travel time and cost make many of those airports look even more offending. Take the Swiss airports GVA or ZRH as an example. They are 4 and 9 km from the city centre and can be reached in only 6 and 10 minutes by public transport and at a fraction of the cost you pay for transportation from the worst offending airports. Further, as you look into who earns income from those transport services, you might be surprised to find low cost airlines among them. Well, they have to make money somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, always insightful and interesting, keep it up .......