04 September 2009

WTO On Illegal (or not) Airbus Subsidies - The Envelope Please....

In What has been one of the most acrimonious cases and surely the most expensive in 14 years of the WTO rulings - the august body has sent a more than 1000 page ruling to both parties in the case - the USA and the EC.

According to the Wall Street Journal the ruling goes against the EC for illegaly subsidizing Airbus (now a unit of EADS but at the time the case started it was still largely a quasi Government entity).

The Professor's initial scan of the available information is that the case became as much about making law as interpreting it. So it will be long and convoluted. In the near term this means that we will not be able to comprehend much of it.

Look for more updates over the next few days. This is a story that will take a long while to unravel.


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