22 December 2009

767: I'm Not Dead Yet!

While the 787 has been stealing a lot of the limelight (and not all of it complementary) the 767 the plane that the Dreamliner was supposed to replace had garnered only 2 orders and 5 cancellations for a net of -3 orders on the year. But today ANA (the launch customer for the 787) redressed the insult and put the 767 back into positive territory. (Unlike the other Seattle Team - the Seahawks who had a disgraceful showing yesterday).

With the certification process now underway for the 787 and a target of nearly 9 months to obtain approval - the Chicago based plane maker needs to keep things positive. The 787 after one of the most aggressive sales programs in history and a very healthy order book actually experienced a net loss of 70 orders this year. Airbus correspondingly gained 22 orders for the year for its A350 family.

I suspect we may see a resurgence in orders for the 767 as a stopgap to replace existing short falls of 787. But the likely continued winner will be the A330. The Airbus wide twins (OK and the smattering of 240s) have a backlog of nearly 900 aircraft.

And with an acknowledgement to Mr Idle and Company for the image and quote.


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