24 December 2009

The Oughts Trend of The Decade

So as we enter the holiday season - I have been reflecting on what would be the trend of the decade.

Wow what a decade it has been. Consider all the good and not so good things that have occurred over the past 10 years. Remember that this time ten years ago people were preparing for the IT meltdown of all time - Y2K. Remember that?

So what has been the Trend of the Decade. Some might argue that Social Networking is the trend. I would agree it has been tremendous and the boom occurring late in the decade coming to the fore largely in the last quarter has radically changed the collective consciousness. Nope that is not quite my nominee.

How about mobile. As the decade opened - I was heavily involved in mobile apps with the promise of geo-location. Nope Mobile didn't quite make it as the killer app for the oughts. However the general adoption of advanced devices is astounding. Now if ONLY THE CARRIERS would let us have reasonable annual contracts...

How about Google? This has certainly been their decade. Look how they have managed to replace Microsoft as the guardian of the IT flame. In doing so they have avoided the hatred of MS. However they now exert more power and control, and they know more about our innermost thoughts than anyone ever has. Their power is frightening. If you are not in real fear by now of the allegedly benign giant - then you should be. But no not these guys.

So Give UP???

The answer in my humble opinion is Digital Junk - The Trend of the Decade is eTrash. The mindless pushing of digital bits of data into the ether. This is truly the decade when the ability of our puny brains to comprehend the amount of data out there finally ran out.


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