23 December 2009

The Professor's Christmas Greetings

Christmas is coming,
The GDSs are getting fat,
Please put some XML
In the old legacy hat.
If you haven't got any XML,
HTML will do,
If you haven't got HTML,
Then let's hope God'll bless you.

Christmas is coming,
The markets are going free,
Spruce up your marketing for everyone to see.
If you you haven't got merchandising,
Some selling will do;
If you haven't got any clue,
I'm really sorry 4 U!

Christmas is coming,
The season of good cheer,
Let's all sing about our open new year!
If you are happy to sing,
Then a little practice will do;
If you haven't got a jolly song,
Then May God... bless... you...!

The Professor, his Elves and fellow Professors around the world would like to wish you wherever you are peace hope and understanding. May this spirit of hope and good cheer last all through the year. Please keep your emails, comments (and yes even Tweets) coming. I promise to do my best to keep providing you with some insight and information. Hopefully we will all be a little wiser and richer in mind by this time next year. So thank you for reading and may you and your families have a great one.

Cheers, and may your God go with you

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