14 January 2010

The Annual Professor Sabena Promise and Disclaimer

I was reading Siew Hoon's Blog and it jogged my memory (as well as other recent events) that I should remind the readership about the conditions of use of the blog and certain other - well smart things.

Firstly this is a blog. It is a place for opinion and reporting. I try when ever possible to the best of my ability to make it clear which is opinion and which is fact. Usage of the blog is for personal information and intellectual stimulation only. Your use of the site and reading the blog is on the STRICT understanding that you read this for your own purposes.

So here are the disclaimers and promises I make:

1. I promise to do the best I can to provide information and comment that is valuable
2. I promise to report facts and where possible to provide access to the source material if it is publicly available
3. I promise not to attack people personally.
4. If I point out something that I think is stupid - I reserve the right to highlight this behaviour.
5. I will act ethically in the grand old tradition of newspapers - however I am not a trained journalist (as you can tell by my terrible grammar and atrocious spelling. I also apologize in advance for my puerile punctuation).
6. I will publish all comments provided they are not overtly commercial, are relevant and also adhere to the same standards herein.
7. I promise to respond to most private emails - please address them to professorsabena@gmail.com.
8. I provide a limited use onward license with prior express permission required from me.
9. I promise to try to keep you amused. Hopefully to keep stimulating you to think.
10. I promise to celebrate the great business of Travel.

What do you promise?

1. Not to sue me this is a condition of use of this blog
2. Acknowledge the blog if you republish and give credit
3. Note to be abusive to other readers
4. Comment when you feel strongly about something

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

1 comment:

Professor Sabena said...

I regret one thing. I must ask that you post only in the English Language. I wish we could have the ability to accept multiple languages but in the absence of a really good tool for that - I can only accept comments in English.