11 January 2010

Are US Airlines Cheating?

After 9/11 the US Administration brought in its now famous code system for security threats.

The code level has never been raised more than Orange. Which is where it currently sits for Air Travel and Yellow for all other alerts.

After the implementation of the original code at yellow for air - it was raised to orange. When this happened the airlines instituted a policy that allowed a customer who felt that his/her security was in danger they could change their travel plans without penalty.

Well here we are more than 8 years later and the threat level is still stuck at ... Orange. I am not questioning the threat level.

However the airlines are refusing to allow changes to an itinerary if a customer feels threatened? I phoned each of the main US airlines for a domestic US trip and all the bit 6 said they would not let me change.

Are they being just a tad naughty and cheating now?

You be the judge....


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