09 January 2010

The EWR "Trespasser" Identified As Foreign National

As I was waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas this week, I witnessed a long and protracted dialogue between a gate agent (For Virgin America) and a non-english speaking "guest" trying to board my flight. The agent correctly denied the person the right to sit in an exit row as they could not meet the criteria of being able to understand the instructions of a crew member in an emergency. Bravo to the agent. He did the absolute correct thing.

So the alleged man at the center of the Newark Airport Security Breach on Sunday Jan 3rd has been arrested. He has been identified according to News Reports as Haisong Jiang, 28, of Piscataway NJ a citizen of the People's Republic of China.

OK so I am not anti China in any way shape or form. I am however very cognizant that there are rules regarding visas. As a guest in someone else's country we should all be aware that the expectations and rules are are very specific and even not then our behaviour should be even better than resident citizens. If you break the law then you are subject to deportation.

As Mr Jiang seems to have flagrantly ignored the law and caused a massive security alert at EWR that would seem to fall into the pretty serious category of things that in another country - like China - would be subject to an immediate deportation or worse.

If the US Government is serious about preventing potential security problems then it should use tools at its disposal. Somehow the potential of a $500 fine doesn't sound like a meaningful punishment for the crime.

An immediate hearing and then revoking Mr Jiang's visa and then immediately deporting him would seem to be an appropriate response to his behaviour. Or am I missing something?


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