26 January 2010

Good Vs Bad Ancillary Revenue Behaviour

I am on a bit of a focus on the AR side of life.

My team is busy investigating AR - it is definitely a challenge. The biggest challenge seems to be how to create some way to make shopping and searching in this complex environment work.

There remains a lot of confusion of what AR comprises. Even the process of AR seems to be the subject of myth and speculation. Chris Elliott seems to be on a Jihad about it. Others too. Even Rudi Maxa is hitting the airwaves with a rail or two.

I will be writing some more about the concept of AR and how it can best be implemented. I hope to rope in some talented folks to help us out with our evaluations. If I can appeal to the Professor's friends and yes even those of you who secretly read this and then wipe your cookie out of your browsers... I want to hear from you. I may start to run some joint stories if there is interest enough.

So pay attention to the surveys on the right and respond when you can


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Anonymous said...

There's a screaming need out there for a shopping site that returns TOTAL COST results out there. One where I can say that I want to go from X to Y, eat a meal on the plane, and check-in a 60 lbs bag and a pair of skis and it shows me the which airlines have what TOTAL cost. Currently, all I know is that if Southwest or JetBlue goes somewhere, I'll be OK; if not, I'll get screwed at every opportunity and should look for bus service.