25 January 2010

Internet Filtering By Governments Is Insidious Behaviour

I am not a radical advocate but I do believe that the Internet must be beyond the reach of the government to filter content IE censor content on the web.

However this is behaviour we normally associate with repressive regimes like Iran and North Korea. I think we all accept that Governments are monitoring activity on the web. Yes - it can be expected that Governments spy on their own citizens for a wide variety of reasons. Frankly while I don't like it - passive monitoring doesn't interfere with what I do. However when Government behaviour does start getting in the way - then it is failing its citizens and frankly its a pain. It is at this point that we are Netizens need to do something about it.

So I was shocked to see from one of my fellow TNOOZ nodes Professor Tim Hughes that he is joining a protest against this form of behaviour by the Australian Government.


Yes. It appears that the Oz government wants to ensure purity for its society by engaging in a form of Internet Filtering.

I suggest that everyone should get familiar with the issue and register their complaints.

Here is a good resource in Wikipedia.

Both personally and my company have been a victim of blacklisting for SPAM. Now it would appear that I could be blacklisted for content. I hope not.

Carry on - normal service will be resumed


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