25 January 2010

iPhone & Android Creep Into The Enterprise

In what can only be assumed to be a full frontal attack on the Crackberry dominance for the Enterprise - both iPhone and Google's Android OS are making headway into the corporate enterprise. IBM and Lotus Notes (remember them - yes they are still out there) have already released a secure version of a remote tool for integration called IBM Traveler (note the spelling!!!) for iPhone users. eWeek is now reporting that IBM will release an Android version for the future in likely "2H 2010".

For the remote application market this is interesting but you have to think that the functionality for products like TripIt et al have already provided a secure solution and that native apps on these remote devices for email make them unnecessary.

I agree that there is an issue of security but eventually how much do we really have to do in order to remain secure. Or is the "Security" issue here a bogey man conjured up by big System Software companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft?

Well you have fun with that one


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