13 January 2010

JAL Stock Almost Worthless, BA Steps Up Noise

BA is offering benefits to JAL valued at between $164-240 Million - surprisingly roughly what the DL arrangement will deliver. However examination of the deal shows that it contains something that JAL doesn't really want. Not that BA has a lot of cash to dole out anyway given its pension deficit.

For example slots at LHR. Especially since JAL canceled one of its flights to LHR in 2009 to save money - so it already has a daily slot available!!!

Still the offers are getting tempting. With the cash deal now gone, OneWorld partners are scrambling to secure the ailing (see stock charts!!!) carrier. However noticeably quiet in all of the conversations has been Cathay Pacific. Actually the Hong Kong based carrier stands to gain if JAL exits the alliance.

So the battle continues. But I stand by my prediction that DL will win bar some last minute squeaking. And there does seem to be a lot of it...


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