21 January 2010

A New New Pegasus Team Takes Shape

After another round of cuts at the Dallas based Hotel Switch provider at the end of 2009, new appointees have appeared to lead the company into the next phase.

In total 5 new hire and elevations have taken place.

Pegasus Solutions has promoted Ric Leutwyler to Chief Operating Officer as part of a senior management restructure who expands his current Marketing portfolio to include include COO with responsibility for strategic planning and continuous process improvement. Mark Peacock, who has joined as chief information officer, from Achstone Consulting. Aaron Shepherd moves to the cushy title of Pegasus Fellow, with a focus on the strategic evolution of Pegasus’s next generation CRS.

Three other senior managers have also been appointed. Steve Lapekas becomes Executive VP of corporate business development, Connie Rheams SVP of strategic sales, and finally Mike Montemurro joins as VP of CRS product management.

This is a much slimmer organization than one that existed just two years ago.

Best of luck to the team in Dallas.


1 comment:

Grayum_ian said...

Will this mean pricing on pegasus that keeps up with the pricing of the hotels? I hope so :)