10 January 2010

Rant For The Day - Twitter Again

OK so this is not really a rant its more of a rant-ette...

I have not had a good rant(ettte) about Twitter lately. However it does irk me that almost every time I try to use it - the system is down. Over capacity etc etc.

On my usual round of talking to friends colleagues etc etc I have been subtly asking about how people think. Oh yes there are a lot of zealots out there and probably an even greater number of Twitter Luddites. However I do get a sense that Twitter is a small but occasionally necessary evil. It can have good value but on the other hand it just adds up to more digital noise and useless junk.

So I started to think about how other people think about it. I came across a very good article in Webpronews which is a pretty reasoned article.

I think its time we put Twitter in its place. Conventions come and go. But if we are to take advantage of Twitter then Twitter itself needs to step up and police it better than it does today.

So my suggestion of the week is a Tweet-o-meter. If someone doesn't like a Tweet then they can flame it by hitting the Tweet-o-meter. This will then be added up that if this person gets constantly flagged with bad tweet-o-meter hits then the ability to push Tweets becomes restricted. The more Tweet-o-meter hits negative the more restrictive the use by the offending party. This in my view will instill a sense of discipline into Tweeters. Once they pass the threshold they become a Twit because he or she has become (–noun Informal) "an insignificant or bothersome person."

And of course no one wants to be labelled a Twit... do they....


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