22 January 2010

Ryanair Takes Aim At Its Favourite Target Dublin Airport (Again)

Ryanair and its ebullient boss Michael O'Leary - is at it again.

In response to the sharp raising of fees (as high as 40%) approved by the Irish Government for DAA - Dublin Airport Authority, he is cutting back the number of aircraft from 18 to 15 that will be based in the Irish Capital. As a result 150 jobs will go from FR and perhaps up to 10 times that in support jobs outside of FR.

With the collapse last year of Budget Travel the picking will be leaner for Irish low cost bargain hunters. The national airline too has been quietly cutting capacity including slashing its base at London Gatwick. This doesn't make as much sense now that Easyjet is the largest airline at LGW and a much fiercer competitor that others who are there.

As for the Terminal Two - many feel that it was a foolhardy move and quietly applaud MOL's opposition to the new facility. Whether or not it actually opens remains something of a quandary for the government agency. More cuts means even less reason to open it. Clearly DUB is operating at a much lower operating limit that was envisaged by the rather optimistic planners at DAA.


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