28 January 2010

Second Life: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

Personally the whole virtual thing was a fun game for a while but not what I would call important in the big picture scheme of things.

Well it seems I may not be so hip after all (OK so you all knew that - the Tweed Jacket and Pipe is a bit of a giveaway).

Anyway - I was really surprised to learn that there has been a bit of resurgence of late. Secondlife's star seems to be not quite so dim. According to recent data released by the company - users grew, time spent and amount spent in the second life "Virtual Economy" grew significantly, 15%, 21% and 65% respectively.

I bounced over to Alexa and saw that from the low point of Feb (the worst part of the US recession) the bounceback has been significant.

Go figure....


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