25 January 2010

Three Times A Charm? jetBlue Cutover This Weekend

The last 3 major cutovers have not gone well for the major players involved. Despite the success of the SITA cutover of the Malaysian Airlines new res system, the next two have been rocky at best.

So while I hope not to jinx the next one - let's hope that the Sabre cutover of jetBlue from Navitaire to SabreSonic goes well.

For jetBlue it represents a closing of the Neeleman chapter in its history. David Neeleman brought Navitaire to jetBlue as part of the startup process as he had been the founder of the OpenSkies product. To be candid the Neeleman connection landed jetBlue a better support than some of Navitaire's other customers. Sometimes to their chagrin.

For Navitaire this represents another major loss for them with the most recent defection being Volaris the highly successful Mexican startup. 3 major losses in one year represents quite a blow for the Accenture subsidiary. Fortunately they still have one Tiger on their side - Tiger Airways remains a customer.

So best of luck chaps on both sides of the fence. I will be crossing my fingers for you.


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Anonymous said...

JetBlue is in for a rude awakening when they see the hidden fees and true cost of e-ticketing. And no, JetBlue did not get preferential treatment from Navitaire.