04 January 2010

Which Expedia Do You Prefer?

With thanks to Professor Tim for noting the new logo.

So I went through the Expedia sites and had a look at them - it has been a few months since I have seen all of them in context.

There are now quite a few of them - 20 to be exact.

* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Canada
* China (elong.com)
* Denmark
* Germany
* France
* India
* Italy
* Ireland
* Japan
* Mexico
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Spain
* Sweden
* United Kingdom
* United States

So here are some interesting statistics. All of the current sites but the US sport the old logo. So lets see how long it takes them to update that.

Only one has a girl pointing east - all the others have the contact person being a girl pointing west (left) if there is an image at all. There are 8 sites that use the same image of the US girl (there are 2 different images of her). Expedia doesn't seem to like blonds - they are relagated to the Canadian and Austrian sites only.

Oh yes and don't forget there is a corporate logo which is also different. I present all the ones I know about here for your edification. I ignored the suitcase and obviously I didn't present all of the variants but you get the idea.

Have fun with this and impress your friends


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