07 February 2010

Blackberry 9700 Not Compatible with Office 2010


Someone screwed up - or rather we are all a little too premature.

So there is a current incompatibility between the Crackberry BOLD 9700 and the latest iteration of office -Beta 2010.

It SHOULD be fixed sometime soon but in the mean time watch out for it.

For more information on the problem head over to Blackberry.com


As a temp fix here is what you can do.

1. Synchronize all of your data on your old BB device.
2. Back up everything
3. synchronize the information by backing up your calender to a iCalc or some other device.
4. Back up your local addresses to local media (like a SD card)
Restore from these places.

The fix should be in - probably in about 1 month.


1 comment:

snapworx said...

Aha, the pleasures of using Beta software :-)