06 February 2010

Update on Aegean's and Olympic's Websites

So there is good news here.

Aegean's website is back up to full speed. They have restored all air fares into the system to all 4 seat buckets are now operational on the website. It still has some glitches and you can break it easily.

And I owe a bit of an apology to Olympic for giving them a hard time over their website being down. Well turns out its not. its still there - just darn hard to find.

So while I will apologize for this (the English website for Olympic can be found here) I will slam them for not doing enough to ensure that their own website shows up in search engines (er like Google and Bing). Further they really should do something about the 2 dot com websites Olympicairways.com and olympicairlines.com. Both of these are registered at Deutsche Telekom but have no data available.


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