28 February 2010

Your Are Not Wrong - The US Airline Industry Is Slimmer

I have been pondering doing a post on the subject of the decline in the airline employment in the USA.

No need ETN did it for me....

So click the link and read the impact.

Since the peak of 2000 employment has fallen by 170,000 or about 25%. That is a lot of people who were directly employed by the US airlines. However while this number should send shivers down the spine of every union rep - there are some places where there are some bright spots.

Outsourcing has risen. So there are a lot more staffers who work for external corporations. But who has hired more than any other entity in the US Transportation System?

Why the TSA of course. They have a federally mandated employment of 43,000 screeners. That translates into about about 7-8K of additional support staff. Yet the staff turnover is still very high.

So if you have been outsourced. Get yourself insourced and go and work for the TSA?


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