29 March 2010

Behavioural Targeting Effectiveness

A great study sponsored by NAI and conducted by Howard Beales looked at Behavioural Targeting in 2009.

As the subject has become somewhat contentious of late - I was very interested to see this report. It covered a lot of territory and has good source data.

I highly recommend that you read the whole report (25 pages not that long) if you are interested in this type of targeting and its effectiveness vs that of regular run of network online CPM based advertising.

I wanted to see if there is a consistent advantage to using this from a pure cost perspective - well approx 10% and its pretty consistent across the year.

So irrespective of the issue of privacy concerns it seems that BT has some value. In Travel this may be even more important given the higher CPMs that accrue to the vertical vs other product segments.

It may also have - and this is pure speculation on my part but let's call it an educated hunch - that Social Media based media coupled with BT may prove to be even more effective. That may result in too small a target but an interesting idea nonetheless.

Just call me an old CPM geek


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