03 March 2010

Boomers Need Glasses and....

Interesting study out of eMarketer on Smartphone and Mobile Internet usage by Boomers.

Now as I am a (relatively young) boomer despite the pipe and the tweed jacket, I can attest to the real issue which is our fingers are not quite that adept at using the touch screen and we need glasses to read those damn small screens.

Frankly I think there is another influence at work. We are really tired of having to adopt new technology and also its shaky performance. And here hangs a tale that should get all tech bods sitting up and paying attention.

We are now so assailed by "new" functions and capabilities - we have adopted a culture where function exceeds form. We really do need a reset and get back some of the form that is more comfortable to us older types. Just because something is cool and new - doesn't mean we should take it.

I am by no means a Luddite but I do find it tiresome having to learn SO MANY NEW interfaces to applications and devices. I really wish that someone one give me tools that are LESS explicit and more automatic. AND were reliable and trustworthy.

In this research I read that I am not alone. Indeed because of what I do in my day job I have to learn new things every day. (I am told that should keep Alzheimers away!) So I use a lot of new devices and tools and learn new interfaces almost daily. And here is a secret - I have a good crew of people who can help me to learn them and remember the stupid ass codes that my old feeble mind forgets.

So here is an appeal to those hoping to get me excited about a new device. THINK first. Think of my usability issues. Try and find ways to simplify my life rather than adding complexity to it.

On behalf of the Woodstock generation - I thank you.

Peace Man..............

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