21 March 2010

Constant Connection Destroying Communication

In reading my sunday newspaper - came across an article about Constant Contact. This gave me some pause for thought. So I started to think of how many ways I am actually connected - it is rather frightening. On this week's episode of the Office (NBC On Thursdays) Dwight says to Michael that he wants to be contacted on any one of his 6 numbers. Geez - I am just as bad. I have actually more than that:

Skype - 1 number
Truphone - 1 number
Mobiles - 3 numbers
Land Line - 4 numbers for the office + 1 number home
Universal Mailbox - 1 number
1 Fax number

UGH that's 12 numbers that exist in the POTS world.

Not to mention the various websites, email accounts and other personas.

So are we over connected and less communicative?

Food for thought on Sunday


PS no prizes for guess what the image is - but ping me if you don't know....

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