24 March 2010

Court To BA - Pay Up!

Some of you may recall that I did a post in December about the case of BA's fare guarantee not.

Well thanks to Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal - I was reminded of this. I am actually pleased to see that someone actually took the challenge and sued BA in court. AND WON.

I think there was a degree of arrogance from BA that Scott is way too nice to actually state but he does quote the evidence. Quote: British Airways says it should have been obvious. "Anybody who knew anything about travel knew that was totally out of whack," says BA spokesman John Lampl."

So now the case of caveat emptor is no longer sufficient according to BA anyone who buys a fare has to be an expert in fares and therefore must be fully armed with the arcane nature of airline airfares when buying any ticket. I am sure many of the readers of this blog can quote many a case where the fare paid on a cents per mile basis was even below that of the tickets in question.

Sadly the case where a Mr Dutta sued BA in court was only small claims and therefore there really is no precedent established as a result. So the fact that the government has blessed that airlines are not to be bound by the contracts they get into and the customers are - gives distinctly a one sided nature of the agreement. Still if the purest looks at it - perhaps its a bit like health insurance. Now you have to buy it....


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