21 March 2010

More Reasons To Be Afraid - Very Afraid

I have written before about how things on Facebook and other Social Media services can comeback to haunt you.

Just lately I have disabled Xobni because it made MS Office 2010 beta unstable. So I turned it on for a little bit and then tried to investigate some of the newer connections I have made. It is somewhat scary what is now appearing IN CONTEXT about the business relationships that I have.

Tools like Xobni (that's inbox spelt backwards) and Gist are really diving deep to provide the user some context about their relationships. However this is somewhat scary stuff as to how much does become available.

Not to be outdone MS Office 2010 will have this functionality built in. The hooks are already in - I can now click on a name and get data about someone. It also seems to be a learning engine so that those people who are new can be highlighted as to their social media footprint.

So this is your warning - time to clean up facebook and any other social media footprints you may have and make them clean. When Office 2010 rolls out in June - then it really wont be the end of anything except your ability to control it.

As any college career guidance counselor will advise you - clean up your digital dirt before it gets seen. Now that advice has to be expanded to not even letting things get out there to start with. On the Web EVERYONE can hear you scream, pole dance, smoking a joint etc etc..... It also makes mistakes and captures erroneous information - intended or otherwise.


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