22 April 2010

CO says "The Economy Rebounding Slowly" - But do we agree with them?

In the first quarter of 2010 - almost all the airlines reported their numbers. I note that the big 6 (WN, US, UA, CO, DL and AA) all had cautious words to say about their performance.

However I am not sure I agree with them. ARC's numbers for revenue/bookings not passenger's flown show differently.

The numbers show a very strong resilience in pick up from January onwards which in turn has shown a gradual rise from the low point of the middle of last year. Indeed March's numbers are at the same level for revenue and transactions as March of 2008 the previous best month on ARC record.

So to say the economy is rebounding in Continental's words "slowly" doesn't quite gibe.

But then I am just a passive observer...


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