03 April 2010

An iPad for $499? How about $1170!

OK so I will admit I am biased because I really do dislike the "ancillary" revenues that an iPhone extracts from its seemingly (in other moments) sane and rational people.

So I went to Best Buy and looked at a fully functioning netbook from HP mini 210-1010nr Black netbook featuring an Intel N450 Processor with 1GB Memory and 160GB Hard drive. $299.99. Add an extended warranty ($45) Shipping (free but lets add $25) A case (it comes with a slip case) $0. I could extend the memory. But it's a multi tasking machine. So far I have a comparable machine but no 3G wireless support. The iPad requires a 2 year 3G data plan....

So I left Best Buy and wandered over to the AT&T Wireless store. I can buy a Netbook (the same machine) for only $199. it comes with Wifi and 3G built in. Ah ha! A comparable machine.

So the numbers are $199+protection $99. and? Well nothing else. Total including tax $317.58 (tax included). Shipping was free. Add back some additional accessories - add another $49 - making a total $371.40.

So how did I come up with the $1170 price? Go check out this article.

So will I pay - lets be kind $800 for an extra 20% of screen real estate and a REALLY COOL device? Oh yes and remember the iPad is a single tasking machine.

And that data plan price? Standard pricing is $35 for 200MB/month or $60 for 5GB per month. Roaming internationally? It is $19.50 PER MEGABYTE. To put that in perspective. The average web page size is 60KB or $1.17 PER WEB PAGE.

So if its all the same to you - I think I will pass on the iPad.



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